• Teen And Up Audiences
  • 1:50:33
  • Work-in-Progress
  • 4 / 4
  • Mermaid AU
  • Drama
  • Romance

In the crystal clear waters of the South Pacific lies a spit of sand, rock, and palm trees nestled between a rainbow of coral reefs. Some may call this paradise, but Ochako calls it a life-saver. Ever since she was separated from her pod and marooned here during a deadly cyclone, she has made the most of it – alone. The surrounding corals are teaming with tasty food items and the sheltered lagoon has become her home base. When another storm hits, Ochako is better prepared, but she can't say the same for everyone. The following morning, Ochako finds debris washed up on her well as a human! Ochako knows to keep her distance – humans have been unkind to merfolk throughout history, or so she had been told by the elders in her pod. But this one seems...harmless? He's definitely alone and definitely unsure of himself as he wanders the tide like a new born babe, confused and in need of some guidance. Ochako decides she will be that guidance from a distance. After all, if she keeps herself hidden in the waves, then nothing can go wrong...right?

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