Our Mission

We strive to make quality Boku No Hero Academia / My Hero Academia fanfiction more accessible by creating professional quality podfics of select ones with the express permission of their authors.

What is a podfic?

A podfic is like an audiobook but for fanfiction.

Our Values

All podfics produced by My Podfic Academia are and always will be freely available to listen to via streaming and/or downloads.


We take great care in assigning our voice roles to talented people who we vet ourselves and trust to deliver spectacular performances.

Our editors then take pride in editing their recordings, adding sound effects and perfecting the timing of narration and dialogue to make the podfic as immersive as possible.


We provide ratings for each podfic we publish that are inline with the original fanfiction they are based on.

We will never podfic explicit (E-rated) fanfiction.

Each podfic is created with the knowledge and permission of the fanfiction's original author. They are always invited to collaborate in the creative process.


We strive to foster a community of BNHA / MHA fans who can nominate and vote for podfics they'd like to listen to.

We're also open to involving members of the community to participate as voice actors in our podfics.

We hope our podfics help drive more traffic, kudos and comments to the works they are based on.