Ochako Uraraka's Foolproof Multi-Step Plan for Cheering Up Your Best Friend
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Ever the hard worker, Izuku seems stressed. Much more stressed than usual. Outside of class, he's always too busy to hang out. Too busy doing homework. Too busy training. Too busy with internships. Most of his friends have tried their best, yet no one can get him to take a break. Only one person hasn't given it a go yet:

A certain Ochako Uraraka.

Headstrong and confident, she's convinced she has the perfect plan for getting Izuku to relax:

Step One: A Warm Drink, Made with Care

Whether it was a soothing cup of tea, or a delicious cup of hot cocoa, the memories of her parents making something to ease her nerves warmed her heart to this day.

Step Two: Offer an Open Ear

Deku always has a lot on his mind, and when he's muttering away, words and thoughts get lost in the fray. It's easy for him or others to brush it under the rug, but what if he just needs someone to listen to him? Ochako knew she could be that someone. Now, if only he'd just open the door and come out of his room!

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