Drops of Jupiter

Part 5 of the Across the Universe series

  • Teen And Up Audiences
  • 21:45
  • Work-in-Progress
  • 1 / ?
  • Canon Compliant*
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Slow Burn

Third Year at UA is underway. Now that their final Sports Festival has come to a close, it's time for Class 3-A to get a start on their future careers, choosing the final internships of their school days! It's been a lot of hard work to reach this point, but none of the students show any sign of slowing down, they're all trying to race toward the future with everything they have!

Uraraka Ochako, perhaps more than anyone, is ready for the undertaking! She's been prepping herself for the task since she started at this school! And nothing's going to get in her way! Hopefully, striking the proper balance of her internship, school work, and having a social life shouldn't be too hard...probably.

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